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Engineer Visit Charge!!!

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Engineer Visit Charge!!!


I signed up to PlusNet fibre unlimited back in September 2015 and had my service start in October 2015. When I signed up, I was sent a modem along with my router (Sagem 2704n). I was getting poor speeds after the first day, usually around 5mbs, even though it should have been around 70mbps.


I contacted PlusNet over the phone and online chat to complain. I did speed tests etc., they did resets on their side etc.


In 2016 they sent me another 2704n router, which I was told would fix the problem. Someday I would get good speeds and someday not so great.


October a year after I signed up, my speed went down to 1/2 mbps. I contacted PlusNet and they said they would send an engineer out to me. In November an engineer visited and he said the problem is with my router/modem.


PlusNet sent me a new router, this time the hub one, which doesn’t need a modem. My internet speed improved straight away.


Today I received a text and email saying I will be charged for the engineer visit because I was out of warranty on my equipment so the equipment is now my responsibility.


I contacted PlusNet this evening and tried to explain to PlusNet that it had not even been a year since I received my second router and I contacted PlusNet, so I was within the year period. The customer service advisor said they only ever sent me one router in 2015 and the hub one in 2016, there is no record of me being sent a second router, so I had to pay.


He tried to say I was lying that I ever received a second router from PlusNet and even if I did, I would still need to pay as I had to test the equipment myself and he said if I wanted to cancel my fibre I should phone in.


After over 30 minutes of trying to convince him that I was sent a second router before I was sent the hub one, he then said I was sent the second router few days after I signed up in 2015. He said i was sent one router and modem when i signed up and then few days after i signed up, i was sent another router. PlusNet would never send second router when there's a 10 day period when the speed goes up and down. He then resulted in saying even if the router was in warranty I would still need to pay because if the router was at fault, I shouldn't have booked an engineer visit.


When did customer service for plusnet get so poor/rude? First he tried to accuse me of lying that i ever received a second router. Then he said either way i have to pay even if it was in warranty, because i wasted the engineers time because of a faulty router.


I'm not being funny plusnet, if you sent me a working router/modem from day one, i would never have needed to book an engineer visit. You sent me 2 routers, both which were faulty or the originally modem (which was never changed) was faulty.

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Re: Engineer Visit Charge!!!

How would you be expected to know the router was faulty? How could this be diagnosed?

I had a similar problem when I was with TalkTalk, broadband. Their router failed and one engineer eventually found this on site. In that case the router was less than one year old. I was charged £100 and kicked up a stink. Eventually, following escalation of the issue through management, it was refunded. Though the reason given was that they had levied the charge after the time allowed for this. Something neither I, nor the front line staff, had been aware of!

That is when I first learned all about the Test socket, etc. Smiley

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Re: Engineer Visit Charge!!!


Formal complaints procedure here

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Re: Engineer Visit Charge!!!

Surely PN will have a written record of the 2nd router issued; am sure there'd be a paper trail. There'll also be a record of your phone call on PN system so that call handler's poor response can be reviewed.