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Easy product change process, but...

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Easy product change process, but...

Last night, with some trepidation, I went through the online process of changing product from Value to Extra on my 'other' account.
It was surprisingly smooth, quick and easy, so thanks for that.  Smiley
However, I find it surprising that there has been no email confirmation, and no record of the transaction to be found anywhere in the Member Centre.
Knowing PN as I do, I have every confidence that the change will happen seamlessly on my next billing date in two day's time, but I do think it odd that no record of the order appears to be available to the customer.  Huh
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Re: Easy product change process, but...

Hi there,
I'm happy to say it has been scheduled, there's detail on service notice SN132568143 though I don't think that's emailed to you, I'll check on that.
Glad it went smoothly though Smiley