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Early Activation

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Early Activation

Bit annoyed by this. I read on here that plusnet generally seem happy to try and activate your service early if (like me) you find that your ADSL connection is live before BT say it is. I've found a few posts where both customers and advisers have confirmed this can happen.
I rang last night as I am planning on using an existing router I have and mentioned that I'd had it plugged in and the ADSL light was green, but the Internet light was red (I'd put my plusnet user details in hoping it would connect as soon as possible)
I know that the ADSL line can talk to the plusnet authentication servers as I've used the bt test account (with on the end) and the internet light goes green, but after ringing the support guys last night I was told that it wasn't possible to activate my account early and I'd have to wait. I also raised an online question which so far hasn't been answered.
I understand that there is a process and that sometimes installs do take longer than normal, but is it not just possible to get my connection going given that it appears BT have done their bit?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Early Activation

Hi there,
I'm really sorry we didn't do this upon request when you called.
It's something we can do in these circumstances, the main implication being we can't raise faults or make changes to the service with our suppliers until the order for activation has completed.
I can see it's now active anyway but drop us a reply if there's any issues and don't be a stranger on here. Smiley
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team