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Disgraceful "customer options" representative

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Disgraceful "customer options" representative

Our brief experience of plusnet has been good and bad.
I love the fact there are no limits between 12-8 and that your usage/activity details are available, but we've had issues with speed and connection stability.
As i'm not the bill payer (mearly the "tech guy") in the house, the decision to switch to BT was done above my head so to speak - we need a new router anyway, and our neighbours have BT with no connection or speed issues.
I called the cancellation line today and asked for my MAC, and to exercise the 90 day money back gaurentee we were given when we signed up.  The representitive i spoke to first denied the fact that i had a 90 day money back gaurentee (despite being assured of this by customer services on friday).  Then they continued to say that it had been 109 days anyway, even though our connection only started on the 16th of Feb (we purchased on the 16th of Jan).  "Fair enough" i thought, could've got a few wires crossed in the system.
Next I was told that they were giving us the gaurentee as a gesture of good-will because we didn't have one in the first place (was i being lied to back in January, then again on Friday?).  The conversation then turned to the subject of why we were leaving, and I told them that we had connection issues and moving to BT was not my decision.  I was informed that BT are actually plusnets parent company (which i didn't know), and we'd be paying more for the same service, and in quite a forceful way that i was doing the wrong thing.  I asked, never the less to get the MAC.  With the discussion concluded i thanked them for their help and they promptly hung up.
I'm absolutely appalled at the manner in which I was spoken to.  Considering that presumably these peoples jobs is to try and convince customers to stay, being told I'm wrong probably isn't the best way to go about it.  Also, as helpful as the information about BT being a parent company is, after this experience there is little chance we'll be staying with plusnet, despite it being cheaper....
or us being wrong.
Thanks, Adam
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Re: Disgraceful "customer options" representative

Hi Adam,
I'm very sorry that you've had a poor experience with our Customer Options team.
If you could PM me the best number to call you on, I'll be more than happy to give you a ring and get everything sorted out for you.