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Disappointing prices

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Disappointing prices

I was a satisfied Plusnet broadband customer for many years however when we got fibre into our village the prices offered by Plsunet were not competitive so we switched to BT for our fibre with download speed of 55mbps.  All in price including line rental is under £30 however the average maximum speed is about 48mbps. 

Plusnet offer a package for 38mbps download for £25 which included line rental.  However on processing the order, the costs appear to be well over and above the £25 advertised. 

A breakdown is as follows;

£14.51 - Unlimited fibre connection

£17.99 - Line rental


£32.50 - Total

This is £7.50 more than the advertised price although it does state "from £25" which is the get out clause.  However in the TV ad the fact that people in rural areas may have to pay extra is not mentioned?  I was told by a Plusnet rep that this is because we live in a rural area so I am wondering why people in rural areas are being penalised because there is not enough competition? 

We might as well stay with BT and Plusnet loses our custom.  Very disappointed!


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Re: Disappointing prices

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Re: Disappointing prices

You also need to be aware that on the 38Mbps Plusnet product your upload speed will be up to 2Mbps (you will be getting up to 10Mbps on BT).

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Re: Disappointing prices

PN is also one of the few, perhaps the only ISP, that uses the Market classifications of your exchange for pricing purposes. Those of us on Market 1 exchanges suffer highest cost/ lower speed syndrome.