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Customer Service Isn't Always So Poor Though

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Customer Service Isn't Always So Poor Though

Haven't had cause to use CS much  but needed to call when things went wrong after a power cut and some power ups and downs. Phone answered in a few minutes and CS rep quickly diagnosed that the router had done a factory reset probably as a result of being interrupted several times as it was restarting. Talked me through reentering my details, got back online and arranged to send out a new modem/router foc in case my relatively old one was poorly. I know there are lots of complaints about CS but it worked fine for me.


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Re: Customer Service Isn't Always So Poor Though

Cheers for posting about the experience you've had, that's good to see Thumbs_Up

(I think I've found the adviser you spoke to and I've passed this on to him as I'm sure he'll be happy to see this)

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