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Creepy datamining exit survey

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Creepy datamining exit survey

I switched ISP a couple of months back - no drama apart from a few silly system emails from PN.

The other day I got an invite to complete a survey ostensibly to provide feedback

  We’ve heard the sad news that you’ve recently left Plusnet. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing for our customers and are always looking for ways to improve. If you could spare us a few minutes of your time, we’d love to hear a bit more about your experience with us.


I have no axe to grind with PN so I thought OK why not - of I can provided objective views on what they're doing right and what they've got wrong it may help.

SO far so good until we get about 2/3rd through and the questions turn towards spending habits and future spending on areas I would not consider relevant to the topic.

Now, of course this data will be anonymous but there's a little 'incentive' in the email

You’ll be able to complete our survey in less than 15 minutes and as a thank you for taking part, you will be entered into a prize draw. There’s a £250 Amazon voucher up for grabs. We recommend you use a personal computer or laptop to complete the survey.  
  Unless you agree otherwise, rest assured that the responses you provide will not identify you personally.


So, if you're daft enough to want to enter the 'draw' you'll need to identify yourself and based on the data derivable from the questions you'll then be at the end of a never ending stream of marketing information, phone calls and other unwanted 'opportunities'. Even if you don't do you honestly expect anyone to believe that this is not identifiable?Huh

Sorry PN - this is not a survey - it is just plain creepy data sucking for you and third party marketing processes. Needless to say I did not finish it. The fun part is that if you add your own replies in 'Other' boxes they often come back as choices for the next question - so you can have as much fun as you like with silly phrases to see how it messes up the system

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Re: Creepy datamining exit survey

According to @shaksingh's post: PN told him they don't do Amazon vouchers.

The best way to tell it isn't genuine is that it doesn't ask your ethnicity and sexual orientation ("in order to treat all our customers fairly"), all 'respectable' surveys ask those questions these days! Crazy3