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Credit where due

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Credit where due

Had to change  payment details today (new card) and on-line was encountering a problem. As ever this seemed to be MY problem.  Rang Customer Service and was caught on the hop when a hooman voice interrupted the first ring.  Had to gather my wits denied the usual 15 minutes of mental preparation.  Lovely lady informed that "there are no queues today": dare I hope this means the payment foul-ups have been fixed.  I'll reserve judgement.  Card has been updated and a payment due next week will tell a tale. Should I be cut off again in two months for non-payment you'll be the first to know.

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Re: Credit where due

Cheers for the feedback, I'm glad to see you got through without a wait. Thumbs_Up

Let us know if you do need any further assistance and we'll be happy to help.

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Re: Credit where due

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