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Contacting business support

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Contacting business support

I'm sure there used to be a time when you called Business Support and they answered very quickly. If not you were told where you were in the queue. I always thought this was an excellent system but now when calling business support you just get put on hold, awful music and repeatedly told how busy they all are. Remind me - what are the benefits of paying extra for a business phone and broadband service?

Just tried to post this message and get an error "Post flooding detected (community received posts of a unique message more than 1 times (sic) within 3,600 seconds)". I'm sure that's very meaningful to some people out there but not us ordinary mortals....


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Re: Contacting business support

The error is the useless forum software having a fit, I don't think 1 message in 1 hour is excessive so I would ignore it. I thought business customers could still raise tickets but I think some changes have been made to the website which make it more obscure and difficult as it is for us lesser residential types where It has been more or less completely castrated.Wink (Could get censored)