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Connected a day early, no problems whatsoever

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Registered: ‎19-11-2013

Connected a day early, no problems whatsoever

Since there seems to be a lot of whingeing and moaning on this forum, I thought I'd balance it out a bit with a positive tale!
I was with Eclipse for quite some time - but £20.50 per month plus line rental for a 50GB capped service was starting to get a little bit excessive.
I signed up with Plusnet, and I'm saving a significant amount each month on both line rental and internet service (especially with the £2.99 a month offer for a year) and everything has gone flawlessly.
Registered last Monday, everything went through same day, router arrived Wednesday along with a letter containing my connection details and a text confirming my activation date as today. Yesterday lunchtime, received a text and email confirming that my connection had gone through - a day early! When I got home, I entered the PlusNet details into my existing router and it connected first time.
Everything has gone perfectly and the 4Mbps connection is just as good as the one I was paying £20+ to Eclipse for, with the added bonus of no data cap, so no narky emails half-way through the month to say I've watched too much YouTube! I live in a rural area, so I don't get amazing speeds no matter who I use.
Thank you PlusNet - and don't let the whingers get you down! (My office is only around the corner from yours *wave*) Smiley x
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connected a day early, no problems whatsoever

Hi winterhill,
That's really pleasing to hear! We're continuously working to try and improve the service we provide, in this case it looks as though we've done you proud Smiley
Welcome to the Community here and to Plusnet!
P.S - *Wave back*