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Configuring e-mail boxes from the portal on a mobile

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Configuring e-mail boxes from the portal on a mobile

Well I tried today, but I failed. All I was trying to do was add a new mailbox, test and configure it.

So I log into my PlusNet account add a new mailbox. I was using my mobile.

Round my sisters earlier on, (and if I so dare as touch her computer I get a massive telling off!) so I thought it would would be simple to do on my mobile, or so I thought?

It appears the text and buttons are truncated towards the bottom end if you look at the screenshot. Glad to see the good old Feedback bug has been fixed and manages to make an unwelcome appearance (yet again) on my mobile too. "Same as it ever was" as the Talking Heads once said.

Look after "My mailboxes".

What would be more useful would be if the buttons to actually configure and save the changes were actually visible, as opposed to the black Feedback tab. 🙄 I eventually managed to sort it when I got back home on my desktop. I got the IMAP and SMTP settings done and sorted out on my mobile and computer. That took a bit of messing around with the settings but that was my fault anyway as I had them set incorrectly.

The reason for this post is just to show the lower end of the formatting is truncated on a mobile. I can help in any way if I can, but to test the problem just try configuring mailboxes on a mobile.


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Re: Configuring e-mail boxes from the portal on a mobile

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