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Complaint - Long awaited refund

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Registered: ‎22-11-2018

Complaint - Long awaited refund

Please could you tell me who I complain to about a refund of my prepaid line rental and first months broadband I have been owed for over a month. It comes to £202.88.

I have contacted customer services on 4 occasions and each time it would take 7 working days.  2 were via your chat and I kept the transcripts...

JB at 13:26, Oct 27:

OK - Thanks [CSA Removed]. Please can you tell me when I will be refunded my line rental - the £202.88 I paid in advance

[CSA Removed] at 13:28, Oct 27:

Ok, the account ledger is showing the cancellation as having processed.

if you aren't seeing it on your statement in the next week, speak to us again at that point.


Also on 12 November at 2038:

JB: I was told it would be paid the week before last. then by the end of last week. When will the money arrive? I'm struggling financially this month.

[CSA Removed]: 

so the refund was processed on 09/11 and takes 5-7 working days to come back to the account

JB  This is the third time I have been told the same thing. That it will take over a week to be processed, [CSA Removed]
[CSA Removed]: I'm sorry you're unhappy Jeremy although i can assure you the refund has already been processed and no refund is instant

JB: Instant? I cancelled on 19 Oct!!!
JB: Its just that i have been told the same thing 3 times. "wait another week".
[CSA Removed]: but I'm asking you to wait 7 working days from 09/11/18


I have just called and spoke to [CSA Removed] and he says he is looking into this for me and will call back.  But, although he appeared helpful, I no longer trust plusnet's promises.  Look above and you will see that both [CSA Removed] and [CSA Removed] told me that the refund had been processed on different days!!

My username is jbodds.

Please - when am I going to get my refund?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Complaint - Long awaited refund

I am incredibly sorry to see this has been your experience in the short time you were with us and post cancellation @jbodds. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the frustration, worry, stress and inconvenience this has caused you. I can assure we are doing everything we can to get this back to you, I have can see a ticket has been raised to the correct team here, and we will update this as soon as possible.