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Change to Fibre

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Change to Fibre

Having read a variety of threads on how things went wrong with either migration of changing product to Fibre I decided that I would log the progress so see what happens. The cabinet I am on was one of those that continually had the moving availability date. My hopes built up near Christmas only for the date to slip back to the 31st March 2014 from the 31st December around the 30th December 2013. I was well aware that the work was going on as the installation of the fibre cables took out my works connection which is to a different cabinet. I only live about 50m from work and all the cables follow the same route up the road. It is just that the works building as been there longer. It whilst I was getting the works phone fixed that the BT Openreach Engineer advised me that my cabinet should now be live. I went home to find that indeed the checker had updated so time to commit to the switch.
Wed 26/3

  • Change to Fibre via Product Change option in the Member Centre (17:30 approx). First available engineer slot was PM on Wed 2/4, but that was not convenient so chose PM on Thu 3/4.

  • Ticket confirmed start of process.

  • Email to confirm change.

Thu 27/3

  • Service Notice to say that transfer will complete by midnight 04/04/2014.

Mon 31/3

  • Service Notice that hardware queued for ordering.

  • Service Notice that order placed for hardware bundle.

  • Text to advise router dispatched.

Tue 1/4

  • Service Notice that hardware order changed from waiting to dispatched.

  • Service Notice with router details.

Wed 2/4

  • New router received via Royal Mail. Packed dropped through the letterbox.

Thu 3/4

  • Email to say that my product change is now complete.

  • Service Notices to indicate change as completed.

  • Service Notice to say that bandwidth usage as been reset.

  • Service Notice to say that account to be monitored manually so that any pro-rata charges can be applied.

  • 14:23 Called received from BT Openreach Engineer to say that broadband would be disconnected shortly and he would be at the property by 15:00.

  • 15:00 Engineer arrived

  • 15:20 Engineer left. Tested connection and got 72.95 Mbps downstream and 18.89 Mbps upstream. Currently I am only the 2nd installation on the cabinet. Cheesy

Over the last few weeks I have had to deal with my works telecoms provider and BT Openreach engineers on quite a few occasions. I found that the engineers on the ground had either been given incorrect or out of date information. What I could not establish was where the fault lied in the communication chain. With regards to this installation that was organised by Plusnet, all the information the engineer had was accurate. The installation went smoothly and on time. I can't comment on the supplied router as I only decided to take that so that I had a spare. The request for change was done via the online system and at no point did I need to actually speak to a member of Plusnet staff. Verdict on the product change - EXCELLENT.
In comparison two days ago I helped a friend to sort out numerous issues with BT billing. By registering a complaint call I was able avoid long queue waits, the longest time being 2.5 hours. They repeatedly could not take the money nor change the service as requested. Even their online systems showed different information to the bill supplied. Hopefully they have finally managed to sort it, but we are having to wait to the next bill to verify.
So for me I'm sticking with Plusnet for my internet connection.
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Re: Change to Fibre

Kelly Dorset
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