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Caty poor service (was Re: Big increase in complaints at Plusnet )

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Caty poor service (was Re: Big increase in complaints at Plusnet )

I haven't used this site before so hope this post goes to the right place.  I wanted to comment that I jointed Plusnet because I was told that the customer service was excellent.  
So far when I joined PN did not send me my router and I had to chase - after I chased it arrived the next day - coincedence?
Then they forgot to turn my broadband on - firstly it was the suppliers fault and I was told it would be available the next day.  It wasn't.  And then when I chased again someone managed to suddenly "turn it on" at their end.......
Finally a few days ago having only been with Plusnet a matter of weeks I lost both my broadband and phone.  I rang on Saturday to try and get through but after 30 mins gave up... tried again on Sunday am and again gave up after 30 mins.  Finally managed to get through on Sun eve by ringing the sales team and being put through the via the hot line.    
The team reported the problem to OPENREACH who by the way were on the case on Monday morning straight away - unlike PN, Openreach texted me with updated and reported that the fault was fixed - I had broadband but my phone still was not working.  I spent another 20 mins trying to get through to customer services and reported this - when I pointed out the wait time was excessive I was told that I was wrong.  Quite clearly my opinion does not count for anything.
Tuesday morning still no word from PN and no phone so I used the on line chat as I could not face the wait on the p hone.  To be honest the general impression I got was that they could not give a hoot and could not even give me an Open reach eta to look at the problem.  BT alway managed to do this and always updated me.  Strangely though the phone line suddenly started working again although the Openreach engineer I subsequently spoke to who had rung to investigate assured me he had not done anything.    
To be honest I am left with the feeling that customers are a nuisance to plusnet unless they are collecting money from them - exactly the opposite of their marketing strategy   When I have complained to operatives they quite clearly are not interested - at the end of my contract I will be running for the hills.  
I will be interested to know if anyone else has had this experience.
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Re: Big increase in complaints at Plusnet

Hi Caty, welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately your experience is not unique, but at the same time it's not that common when you consider the number of customers that there are. I'm sure someone from Plusnet will look into your issues to find out what went wrong. I must say I was rather surprised to read that you had such good communication from Openreach and they were on your case so quickly. People are usually here complaining of exactly the opposite and no shows etc.
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Re: Big increase in complaints at Plusnet

Hi Caty,
Sorry about the issues you've had with this provision and the following fault, I'm taking a look through things now and will send you an email from your account with what I can find.
please let me know if there's anything more I can do to help with this.

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Re: Re: Big increase in complaints at Plusnet

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