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Calls to PN support

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Calls to PN support

As a new PN home phone customer (I've had PN broadband for several years) I was a tad disappointed when I had a dead phone today and raised a ticket. It said the current time to look at tickets was 25 hours! In spite of myself I decided I had better phone from my PAYG mobile at 25p a minute. It only took 1'25" to speak to a person, but said person then said would I hold while they ran a line test. I said no, not at 25p a minute - please could you call me back. No, came the answer, please hold. Apparently, according to the ticket that was raised, I shouted and then rung off. If I did, I apologise, but the fact remains that when your landline is down and you are reliant on PAYG mobile, calls to ask for help can get very expensive. It seems my call was not in vain though, because the person who I spoke to did look at the ticket I had raised previously (in considerably less than 25 hours).
The main point in raising this is that I believe PN should have a mechanism to call customers back in this situation.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Calls to PN support

Hi there,
I'm sorry you weren't offered a call back, especially if the person was a bit curt about refusing.
We can't always offer a call back I'm afraid as we have to keep our call centre staff resource prioritised for inbound calls.
For future reference we do have a number that can be called from a mobile, but is charged at the same rate as a call to a landline so I'd use that to keep costs down if you need to call us again from a mobile in future: 0345 1400 200.
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