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Call wait time

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Re: Call wait time

Nope - still don't see anywhere in that statement that says there will be *more* staff on the phones during the day.
It just says the "majority of staff" and I am fairly sure that they already had the majority working during the day
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Re: Call wait time

As noted by gofaster, that does not say they are moving the 2 or 3 staff from the night shifts to daytime. The office still has to be manned for other reasons and as I mentioned there are other tasks that the staff have to deal with on other streams. In any event moving 2 or 3 staff to daytime is not going to have any significant impact on daytime call wait times, in addition to the other tasks they would have been doing suffering at that expense. Whether those tasks are still getting the same number of man hours is undoubtedly something Plusnet are not going to tell us.
There's quite a few of us that post here regularly that believe that the whole charade is nothing more than a cost cutting exercise.