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Brilliant!! Typical PlusNet

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Brilliant!! Typical PlusNet

I complain and complain about the awful service I receive, I also complain about invoices appearing on my account BEFORE the agreed due date.
I deleted the payment details and told Plusnet I will pay my bill by phoning customer service on the due date and pay by debit card.
Today, I get a pop up message saying last months bill wasent paid and I will be cut off in 14 days!!
Last months bill HAS been paid.
Within 14 days I will be connected to O2 anyway.
Today I have a message from Adamwalker saying he will take ownership of my issues and resolve them if I decide to stay.
He said that last month as well, and here I am again, another monther, more problems, and the threat of disconnection!!

Plusnet you couldnt organise a pee up in a brewery!!

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Re: Brilliant!! Typical PlusNet

How's about keeping all of your issues in one thread?