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Billing date issue and telephone line

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Billing date issue and telephone line

There was a delay in installing my fiber connection (engineer didn't shop up the first time). Connection was installed yesterday (7th February).
However, I see from various internal tickets raised in my account that next billing date is due for the 3rd March.
I am assuming I am paying monthly by calendar month (paid the first month when placing the order), and therefore don't understand why the next bill would be sooner than the 7th March.
Given the delay in installing my connection, my telephone line was supposed to be transferred to BT on the 14th Feb and I have received a letter from them. Now, telephone line is due for the 24th. Will I lose my telephone line for 10 days?
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Re: Billing date issue and telephone line

Hi there,
Looks like the committed date from our suppliers is the 21st Feb, but as it's a transfer you certainly shouldn't lose service - if you do it'll be down to your current provider cancelling the line, which would also scupper the transfer so we hope that doesn't happen.
Hope that helps.