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Beginning to be broken by the incompetance of Plusnet.

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Beginning to be broken by the incompetance of Plusnet.

I have two accounts, one is earmarked for closure yesterday, despite receiving email conformation that the one account to be closed and turned off ... plusnet turned off both accounts!

1 account to be turned off at a property my daughter was staying in and the second completely separate account at our house.

WOW they turned off and ceased both of them......  no emails to say anything about the home one being turned off either.

Spoke to a very helpful lady last night who would me that it would be reordered and it would take 10+ days to get BB back on.  But the order could not be put through as the cease on the line hasn't went fully through, the cease that was not asked for.

So far ZERO confirmation from anyone that the line is to be made good by a reorder and to top that off an email demanding payment or they MAY restrict my services today!  RESTRICT WHAT?  you have turned the bloody thing off already! 

Question #196153677 - is the ticket number if one of you gurus can please take a look

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Re: Beginning to be broken by the incompetance of Plusnet.

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Re: Beginning to be broken by the incompetance of Plusnet.

Hi @eastfifearabman As I was logging out for the night I noticed your post and I'm sorry to see what has happened. Unfortunately this was due to agent error in manually ceasing the line you want to keep as well as cancelling the account/line you requested us to close. I've arranged for feedback to be passed on regarding this.

And there's more bad news unfortunately that we're unable to re-provision your fibre service as your cabinet has been taken offline for any new orders, I suspect on the back of a 'live to live migration' moving lines to a closer cabinet that I've been monitoring for you over the past 5 months.

The order we placed today to reprovide your fibre service has been rejected by our suppliers due to the above reason. What I've done for you now is place an order to restart the stopped phone line at your address which will go through on the 18/11/19 which means you'll get your phone service back within 1 working day.

Once the phone line is live again, we'd have to place an order to provide you with standard broadband in the interim. Judging by the response I got from Openreach last September, we should be able to order fibre in January or February next year and it should be on the closer cabinet so you'll immediately see faster speeds if that all goes to plan.

Once I've been able to place your broadband order which should be on Monday, this will take 4 working days however I'd be happy to request our suppliers to expedite this for a sooner completion date.

I've added a reply onto your support ticket Here with this information and a bit more about your account billing.

I'm taking this on personally as well and I'll follow things up with you on Monday.

Apologies for the inconvenience we've caused. Sad

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