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Bank Payment Failure

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Bank Payment Failure

We had no idea there was a problem until our internet service browser was blocked by a message from Plusnet. At first we thought it was a false website, but soon realised it was a genuine message!!  Shocked
Went to my customer account details, only to find the account details blocked by a 'payment message'!!! In other words you could not see your direct debit without a payment being made, even though we had made previous payments, and have been online for over 2 months!!!  Undecided
Just spent over an hour (on a Sunday morning!) trying to sort out why the payment failure had occured, could not conclude after 45 min on the online chat, because of the security measures set in place.....naturally, so called the 0800 013 2632 no. The customer service adviser was able to tell me there had been a systems error at their end on the direct debit bank payments for some customers.  Angry
So why can't the company call or txt us to let us know rather leaving us with their problems! and why stop the service, as it was not our fault!!!!!! AFTER ALL THIS IS A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY
Plus once the account had been paid, I open the direct debit detail tab in my plusnet account, only to find the last few numbers displayed! So how the devil we can verify our bank details is beyond me! We asked to have a paper copy sent through the post, and the answer came back we are a paperless company!
If this happens again on the next payment due we will take this complaint to the next level!  Cool
NOT HAPPY PLUSNET   Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
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Sorry for the problems you've had.
I've looked over your account and basically the dd was set up on our side, but not at the bank. So when we tried to take payment the bank refused as there was no DD instruction held with them.
When this happened you should have had the option to continue browsing there's a link/button under the page that informs you that payment has failed, your service isn't just stopped completely.
We don't show full bank details for security reasons.
Unfortunately this does mean you'll need to re-set up your direct debit on our website, if you log in to the member centre you should be able to do that from there.
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