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An easy move, thanks to a helpful American!

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An easy move, thanks to a helpful American!

Over the past 4 years, my partner and I have had 3 house moves, amd we areabout to embark on a 4th.
Now, to date, whenever it has come to contacting our internet provider, we have experienced no end of problems: it'll be 3 weeks before we send somebody out; we'll have to charge £50 for a reconnection; you need x, y, z and a signature from the virgin mary before we can set up a move....getting the idea?!
But, then, we found plusnet. We've been with them a year. We've had 1 problem to date with the connection dropping (which turned out to be the cats chewing a wire, oops!) during which they were very helpful, and didnt even charge us for a pointles call out. Points to plusnet - 10/10
And now, with the move a week away, I rang the suport eam to organise the transfer, thoroughly expecting the usual problems.
But no!
I was put through to a very helpful American named Doug.
He was super friendly, having a general chat while he typed, instead of popping me on hold, which was great seeing as I love talking Wink
He was also quick to sort out all the annoying little details, explained the technical bits I didnt understand thoroughly, and even updated our order to an improved detail when I explained we would have a friend moving in and so the internet would be under more pressure!
Overall then, it is safe to say that Doug and his aunny disposition made this particular part of the move and easy, even pleasurable, one.
So, thankyou, Doug!
Points to Plusnet? 10/10!
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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: An easy move, thanks to a helpful American!

Glad to hear you had such a good experience Smiley
I'll make sure that we get this posted up internally so Doug and his manager can see
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