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A thank you

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A thank you

A while ago, I placed an order for a house move to take place. Initially this was placed by Matt from the comms team on my behalf, so far so good, everything was in place.
I then got a message from another associate in the house move team requesting £49.99 for engineer callout to cover the cost of a new socket which I had requested (the place I had moved into had an old LJU-1 type master socket, which I knew would be an issue with getting good BB speeds)
So I called in and spoke to another associate, who took my card details to get the order placed in plenty of time for the house move to take place without any hitches, or so I thought....
During the conversation, the agent in question mentioned a new line installation, to which I replied that it wasn't a new line and that it was a simultaneous cease and re-provide on the same number. Said agent didn't flinch and told me that the order was placed.
To my horror, I found that the agent had placed a new line installation and a simultaneous provide on the broadband only, thus meaning I would lose my phone number, with an installation date way beyond the date I was going to be moving, meaning that whoever moved into my old house (which was rented) would have an issue getting their phone line moved.
Anyway I contacted Matt T straight away, who got Mark T onto the case. Mark T took complete ownership of the issue.
Mark managed to get the orders on the system cancelled, and a new order placed to cover the simultaneous cease and reprovide, furthermore Mark managed to get the order escalated to state where it would take place only 2 days after I had moved into my new house.
The BT engineer turned up bang on time (at 8am on a Sunday morning) and set to work.
Within 2 hours of the engineer turning up, he had successfully moved the phone line and broadband, fully tested the line and had installed a new master socket into the house.
I was impressed so much by Mark T's efforts that I felt it worthy of mentioning here in the forum.
Mark took ownership from start to finish, kept me fully informed of what was going on, and worked in liaison with Matt to keep me calm, and retain my custom after having been a customer since 2005.
After seeing so many negative comments about staff on these forums, I thought I should shift the balance slightly and publicly praise Mark T and Matt T for all their efforts and ensuring that after the initial issues, they personally made sure that I was happy and that everything happened when they were told it was going to happen.
I don't think you could go to many ISP's and get the service that I recieved.
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Re: A thank you

Copied and pasted into our internal recognition forums Cheesy
Kelly Dorset
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