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A successful migration to PLUSNET mobile

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A successful migration to PLUSNET mobile

I am not in the habit of changing mobile providers frequently (  I was with my previous provider for over 10 years !) so naturally there was little concern with some of the negative customer experiences reported on this forum. Especially with respect to porting and tethering


Hopefully this post  will help redress some balance .


The journey began a few years ago when I purchased a LIFE SIM for my partner , at the time it was good value but only 3G and lowish data allowance, so not for me.


Subsequently this transitioned to PLUSNET and to 4G.

When we were on holidays in South wales , Devon & Cornwall I was getting no or very limited coverage while she had no problems with coverage 😕, and I was on an advanced plan from Three!


The recent PLUSNET mobile January offer of 6GB and unlimited calls & texts for £11 per month was near enough my contact end and would meet my needs, so I took the plunge.


Here are my experiences to date



Signed up via the web and all went as expected with the SIM arriving within a few days.

Had some questions about porting which were answered efficiently via online chat.



The most time consuming part of this process for me was getting the PAC code from Three , a half hour phone call in which I was offered some good deals , none of which met my requirements 😂


My phone call to PLUSNET was answered promptly it took only 5min or so to get the port process started.


For the record my port request was confirmed on 5th February 10:48 and completed on 6th February 13:07.



As this was important to me I spent some time testing this out with a number of devices including Sony Xperia and Motorola G3 mobiles , Amazon fire 7 and Lenovo Tab 2 tablets.

All worked seamlessly.


Customer service

So far I have had only limited contact via chat and phone regarding the porting process and other questions. All of which have been addressed promptly.

The true test of any customer services organization is how they deal with issues, and while I have not experienced any to date, my partner had a recent billing issue, which again was resolved quickly.


So far so good 👍

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