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A really happy customer

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A really happy customer

I thought I would post up something positive, as this sort of stuff is always worth writing and reading about.
I came from a BT infinity package, as I used my laptop to watch youtube and catchup tv. I don't have a tv, as the repetitive ads drive me mad, and I don't get to choose when I watch something.
I wanted free evening and weekend calls.
I'd tried going to plusnet twice before, the first time, I was told that as I was BT infinity customer, I would have to stay with BT. The second time, I applied online, for a package that had unlimited wifi and free evening/wknd calls. I did it all online, and got the mac number of bt, but, when I got the correspondence through the post from plusnet, it said, line only.
I rang and queried this, and was told that online applicants of that package, get telephone line only, and internet.
So, I cancelled my request and stayed with BT, miserably paying over £50 a month, until last week, when I rang plusnet.
Third time lucky. I got through quickly, and told the man I was from BT infinity, and would like a package with unlimited downloads, and free evening/weekend calls.
I joined, paying a fee of just ovre £26 to plusnet. My wireless router came in the post, and I got texts, all the way through, telling me how far along I was, in the changeover process.
I was told my wifi would be available midnight 27th October.
Bt switched itself off on the night of the 26th october.
I got a text from plusnet, telling me my router was ready for use.
I set up the router, and on midnight 27th october, I got my wifi back, from plusnet.
It seems quicker than bt, pages take a fraction of the time to load.
I haven't yet had my first bill.
I have read dreadful horror stories relating to plusnet, where their speeds are slow, or non existant, so I hope thse peoples problems are resolved as quickly as possible, as it's a pain, when the internet becomes frustrating to use, due to low speeds or broken connection.
I am really really happy so far, as a brand new user. The changeover went as smoothly as possible. There was a gap of about 24hrs, but I knew there would be as bt switched off midnight 26th, and plusnet duly came on at midnight 27th.
I love having home wifi, as even though I jump onto other free wifis outside, it's great, taking my phone, tablet, or laptop to bed, and watching telly, or downloading anything I want.
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Re: A really happy customer

Glad things went well for you and hope they continue to do so, enjoy your connection Smiley