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A huge thankyou to Plusnet

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A huge thankyou to Plusnet

After being a Plusnet/Madasafish/Freenetname customer for a silly number of years I was finally due to move to BT yesterday so I could upgrade my connection to FTTP (FTTC not being available here).

My phone transferred across to BT yesterday morning and I waited for the Openreach engineer to arrive to set up the FTTP.

When it got to 6:30pm I phoned up and found out that apparently I had not answered the door when he came - he must have been wearing an invisibilty cloak as my CCTV camera's didn't pick anything up!

Panic then ensued as I tried to work out how I was going to be able to work whilst waiting on a re-arranged Openreach appointment (I'm one of the many forced to work from home at the moment).

Whilst sorting out options I added a note to my Plusnet ticket asking if there was any way I could keep my ADSL active.

This morning I've received a response saying that not only will they keep it active, but they will also keep me on my discounted rate.

I can't put in words just what a massive relief this is - the 4G signal here isn't particularly good so tethering wouldn't have been a reliable enough option for me.

Many, many thanks Plusnet - this is the sort of customer service that kept me with you for so long and will bring me back as soon as you have an FTTP offering available (and I'm out of contract with BT).

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Re: A huge thankyou to Plusnet

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