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terrible start of service

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terrible start of service

started a change over from talk talk, supposed to be connected on the 9th. plusnet only sent router on the 8th. talk talk cut service at 00.05 on the 9th. no router delivered. so after having 10 days to send a router plusnet wait until 12 hours before service cut of to send one. yet they took first month payment quick enough. so no internet to finish the on line work i was doing when talk talk cut service, not talk talks fault! i receive 2 messages, 1 says phone working, 1 saying internet working.. about as useful as a chocolate fireguard without a router. so now paid two months payments and no router. terrible service
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Re: terrible start of service

Can your old router be reconfigured to PN settings; late router arrival is a common gripe here unfortunately, as they don't dispatch until last moment?