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A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving.

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A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving.

I've been with Plusnet for 5 months now, Initially it was a great experience, fast speeds no problems.


Then 4 weeks ago I ordered the full TV package.... Oh boy.


The box never arrived, I called a week later, lady said it would be here on the Thursday "two days from when I was talking to her". So I waited until the Friday to give them an extra day.


The end result was 14 phone calls, 18 different CS representatives and two managers. No one knew where the box was or when I'd be getting it so I decided to just cancel.


Again no one knew what was going on but  in the end was advised it is cancelled and I will not be charged anything.


Bill time, they tried to charge me for everything so I called them up AGAIN and was advised they couldn't change it now because the DD charge was issued the night before, God knows what the 18 people I spoke to previously were doing.


I was told the only way was to cancel the DD, call them and then pay the bill.


I'm dumbing this all down but the CS people were the worst of any company ive ever had to deal with, I was faced with threats of being charged to cancel the TV, I was constantly told "we are the best in the business as from our awards" when I told them about my dissatisfaction.


The entire experience has seriously put me off, to put the icing on the cake A manager said he would give me a special deal to keep me with plusnet, I said i'd think about it and call back.


I called back and was told the special deal for me was £35 per month.... £5 more than the £30 I'm paying now..... Oh thanks for that i'll give you an extra £5 for being totally unable to provide even a base level of customer services.

Just wanted to share my experience with the "award winning" customer services.

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Re: A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving.

The title of this topic is -

A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving


So far you have only mentioned cancelling the TV package, and that the manager failed to offer you a "better" broadband deal as a sweetener.

Have you tried phoning them yet to try and leave ?, as I suspect that will be another rant when you discover you can't go without paying significant exit fees !.


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Re: A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving.

Oh Dear not good experience Undecided

But it will be OK tomorrow one of the PN staff will come here and say SORRY Angry

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Re: A Shambles, Resulting in me leaving.

Hi there. I'm sorry to read about your experience with us.

I can see we've credited the YouView charges off your last bill and you've just paid us for your broadband and home phone services. I've removed the YouView service from your account so you won't be billed for that again.


We've also removed the contract from your account, so there's no early termination fees should you decide to leave.

I do again sincerely apologise for the problems you've had.

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