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synology plusnet hub 1 firewall port

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Registered: ‎14-08-2020

synology plusnet hub 1 firewall port


I have a synology DS720+ which has application called Drive (Private cloud)

Fromt thesynology site they state the application needs port 6690 to be open


Therefore from the firewall (Advanced) I have added 

TCP 6690 6690 

However using the External IP address as given by the plusnet router

I can not connect to the Cloud Drive Storage

Event Log 

11:06:52, 14 Aug.           IN: ACCEPT [57] Connection closed (Port Forwarding: TCP []:6690 <-​-​> [999.143.49.135]:6690 -​ -​ -​ [999.143.49.135]:1024 ESTABLISHED/ESTABLISHED local_dev NAPT)

NOTE 999 is not the real external IP address , just changed in case

If I use the internal IP (Same WiFi) then I can connect 

Using Synology Quickconnect does work , but would prefer not to use this as Quickconnect is soft blocked by my company.


Any thoughts.


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: synology plusnet hub 1 firewall port

Hi @emjga


Thanks for getting in touch.Can you please confirm if you have tried to do same thing after turning broadband firewall off and what was result of this? You should be able to do it here

You can find m ore information about port forwarding here