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noisy router and slow speed

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noisy router and slow speed

I have received my new fibre plusnet router about two weeks ago and I think it's faulty... 


It makes a strange "hard drive" noise and also the download speed is below the guaranteed speed.


Is there a way for me to get a replacement ?

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Re: noisy router and slow speed

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Re: noisy router and slow speed

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately the noise is a feature of these routers and can sometimes be alleviated by going into the router's advanced pages and under WiFi turning off the 5GHz band. The problem of course is that this leaves you with only the 2.4GHz band.

In terms of your speed, how are you measuring it? To check whether it is an infrastructure or WiFi problem you need to take the front off your BT Master socket. In behind you will find the Test Socket. Plug your filter in here and do a speed test with the filter plugged into the Test Socket and a computer connected to the router through an Ethernet cable. Do this and report the speed compared with what you get if you put your telephone number in here:

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Re: noisy router and slow speed


HI @tabibi,


Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, as @baldrick has suggested, the noise is something that our suppliers have advised is within tolerance for the router - a replacement is likely to exhibit the same issue. I'd initially suggest splitting out the wifi frequencies as described here before you turn off the 5ghz frequency entirely.


In terms of your speed, you're currently in sync at 40mb/s so I'd recommend performing a wired speed test as Baldrick has described.


Best wishes