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fibre router

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fibre router

...just received my fibre router [upgrade].my .fibre will not kick-in for 10 days or I install the new router now or will that cut me off......and how will I know when to fit my new router?

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Re: fibre router

If its the new Hub 1 then it will work on ADSL and VDSL (Fibre) so you could fit it now. Or if you prefer, leave the existing one until it stops working then swap over.

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Re: fibre router



I found when I connected the Hub One to ADSL prior to a VDSL ("fibre") upgrade, on the day of the upgrade I needed to factory reset the router after the upgrade to get a connection.

If yours doesn't work on "go live" day give that a try.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: fibre router

Hi bops,


I can see it's a Hub One (as I'm no doubt you're also aware!) so feel free to connect that to the existing line.

I've checked your fibre upgrade and see that's scheduled to go ahead on the 18th.



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