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expert_user.html 404

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expert_user.html 404

As the name suggests, when I try to go to the expert_user page to check my address reservations I get a 404 from the router. Everything else works, basic and advanced settings all good.

It used to be available - I originally set some reservations which are still active. That was after I changed the router address to - it's been that since day 1 - first thing I always do. I've tried http and https - always 404.


The only thing which has changed (today) is that I added the static IP option for a fiver, which has taken correctly after the reboot.


Any suggestions?

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: expert_user.html 404

The static IP shouldn't make any difference, but the the routers IP could. Can you change it back to the default IP and try again?

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 Tony T
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