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a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

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a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)


I should probably start by apologising for posting - I don't really do this sort of thing on forums - I usually lurk, find out the answer I need and then wander off without any comment.

I've spent some time frustrating myself over some issues I've experienced with Plusnet and I wanted to share my experiences (I'm not presuming to offer any advice here or worse; anything that starts with IMHO).

I'll start about 4 years ago where I kept experiencing poor broadband speed, that got resolved by replacing the router though an underlying fault was never really found - I guess as the new router solved the problem it was a router problem.  

Then about 2 years ago I was getting a lot of dropped WiFi signal and speed issues (probably by the signal issues) which was frustrating and I tried the usual fixes mentioned elsewhere on these forums and direct from the Plusnet support team.  It sort of fixed it and I lived with the residual annoyance.  Too much other stuff going on in life that trying to fix this problem was more pain than the pain it was causing.

However, over the past two years I've increased the amount of Smart Devices in my home - plugs and 3 Alexa devices.  Last week I'd had enough of dropped connection or hanging on phones and cut outs from time to time on alexa and did some research.

It was clear from what I'd read and the testing I had done at home and the changes that were being suggested on the these forums that there was a very very good chance that the One Hub just wasn't up to to the job I was asking of it.  I'd done enough speed testing to be happy it was not a "to the socket" problem - it was inside my house, not outside.  I concluded that I needed a better WiFi quality of service.

I did my research on the web and a bit on here and bought myself a new ADSL/VDSL modem WiFi router - a TP-Link AC1600 (Archer VR600 v2).  It was about £85 from Amazon.  I installed it last night and it was very straightforward thanks to the set-up wizard.  The advanced settings are very advanced so I kept clear of those, and made sure that any other changes I made I fully checked so I knew which one to roll back if anything stopped working.  I had considered getting a WiFi router and keeping Plusnet hub as the modem but decided I didn't need the device clutter.  I am very, very pleased with it so far - I even see an improved response on website browsing on my phone!  I did however spend about 2 hours reconfiguring every smart device in my house.........but I was able to do much of that on my phone with a glass of wine nearby.  The only draw back I can see is that it keeps the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks separate so depending how old some devices are I need to change networks on my phone to use them - ChromeCast being the obvious one.  However as I've named the 2.4GHz "Galactica" and the 5GHz "Base Star" I can amuse myself, even if briefly and in a rather sad way, by "jumping".

I then thought about what I had just spent in terms of my monthly Plusnet spend (I've about 12 months left on my current contract).  I've just done the equivalent of adding another ~£7 a month for the next 12 months to my Plusnet bill - to make their technology work (well, delivering their fibre service from out of the socket on the wall) for my needs.  That is actually a lot of money.  Some people will not be able to afford that.


I'll say now all my experiences with Plusnet staff have been superb.  

But here's the crux - are you listening Plusnet?

Delivering fast connection speeds to the wall socket in a house is one thing - but as is being shown on these forums (especially now with people homeworking due to COVID) delivery high Quality of Service to the devices inside that home is another.  The One Hub router is a problem for some people and the only serious solution seems to be to buy one's own.

I keep seeing/hearing adverts where the narrative from broadband providers is changing from fast speed to quality of service messages.  Is the Plusnet One Hub up to the job of keeping the competition at bay and your customers ever increasing demands on it?

I'll repeat and expand - all my experiences with Plusnet staff have been superb - but are they being hamstrung by poor quality of service of the router?


I hope that there may be something useful in this post.  If there isn't I hope at least my prose style has been worth it. 😉



I've used router, hub, One Hub, Hub one interchangeably because I can't be bothered to google the right name for the white thing with the annoying blue light that Plusnet send out in the post.

The way I have amortised the new router over the remaining months of my plusnet contract isn't really valid - as I would not expect to change the new router for many years but it does serve as a useful financial scenario.

I might not mean "amortise" - I'm a simple chemist not an accountant.]


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Re: a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

Hello @Simon15 

Welcome to the forums.

Like you after a long time using the Hub One I moved to a TP-LINK VR400 AC1200 V3. My choice was based on this model supporting One Mesh. The device has three operation modes. 1) DSL Modem/Router 2)Wireless Router. 3) 3G/4G Router.

In my case I did not split 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks so they share the same name. The Ring cameras and Chromecast have no issues connecting to 2.4GHz. Another feature of this device is you can also setup a Guest Network. Tether app allows for remote management.

I am very happy with my device.

Agree the supplied Hub One or Hub Zero are letting Plus Net down as they are really not suitable for a high demand internet user.



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Re: a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

Welcome Simon, interesting post on familiar lines for this forum! The Hub One is basic, cheap and cheerful and I would think has fulfilled the needs of most customers as did its predecessor the TG834. I agree that with more people working from home and using more devices perhaps the time has come for router improvement but PN is a low-cost provider and I'm very happy that they give me good value for money.

In ADSL days I spent £80 on a Billion router which had no better performance and which blew its wifi card just after the two-year guarantee expired 😠 so I went back to my trusty TG until fibre arrived with a Hub One.

However, Baldrick has long shared his knowledge of the BT HH6 and my £15 Gumtree unit is a worthwhile improvement on Hub One (which I think is a rebadged HH5). You've obviously gone a step further, well done, and good luck with your TP-Link.

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Re: a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

It's really a balance.

If the ISP (Plusnet in this case) supplies a better router the customer has to pay by some means.

The popular (incorrect) view is that broadband is a "commodity" and any supplier is the same as any other hence Plusnet is in a "fight to the bottom" with the other "value" suppliers.

Buying your own router isn't a bad thing and over (say) 5 years a £60 router is a pound a month and lets you change supplier (should you wish to) without any changes to your attached devices.

If your previous supplier was BT their router will work with Plusnet.

When I first got broadband you had to provide your own modem (I had a dreadful USB device to start with then upgraded to a "proper" modem/router with WiFi - woo hoo !) and the "free" devices came along to simplify support as much as anything else.

At lease Plusnet doesn't make it hard to use your own device (some do), all in all I think the situation is OK.

I do hope that eventually Plusnet get a better bundled router as many hit the limitations of the Hub One but a "free" router needn't really be very much better.



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Re: a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

Welcome to the forums Simon, yours is actually quite a useful and informative post so no need to apologise whatsoever!

I wish many of the people I've dealt with and posts were like yours, some of the people I have had to deal with recently don't fall into that category. I'd better say no more on that one. 😤 It's good old eBay which I have gone off now for my forseeable future.

Oh well, yes my connection is round my sisters and as I live on my own. Thankfully I don't live there, but I over go over fair often and she would soon let me know if there were any problems with her work laptop. I would soon know about it.

Her setup is quite simple, she just has a work laptop, a box by her TV which was her partners and useher her phone wireless as do I really.

Round mine I have a PC Mac, NowTV box which a friend gave me after I sold him some of my consoles I'd never used. Nothing too complex. So my setup isn't and neither is hers.

I guess it depends on what you get on with, I just stick with the standard routers unless they start to give me any hassle.



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Re: a few thoughts on the plusnet Hub One (and why I changed)

I have to say that I upgraded to a VR600 V2 when my Hub One just started getting unreliable for no reason (ignoring the problem with the 5GHz wifi).

A line reset took my connect speed up by over 30% and everything is pretty much rock solid now

I fully understand why PN (As a sort of "budget" provider) only provide the Hub One but it's now pretty old technology and, like you, I wonder how many problems people are having with their connections (instability, low line speeds etc) are actually down to the PN hardware rather than the kit outside their house.