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Wired in connection issues

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Wired in connection issues

I recently installed wired connections at home, however I'm having problems. Either the speed of the connection is really slow (9.47 mbps on three of them) or it is at full speed for one of them (about 70 mbps), however the connection disconnects and reconnects roughly every ten seconds. These cables are Cat6.

Plusnet router, which I am aware is probably not the best, will be changed.

Internet speeds are as anticipated. I can receive full speeds if I connect my laptop directly to the network, but occasionally the connection may break.

That indicates to me that there may be some influence from the router, but that it is more probable that there are problems with the connections. Is it possible that the end connections are just faulty?

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Re: Wired in connection issues


Whenever I run an Ethernet cable, or for testing patch leads, I use a simple network tester, available for around a tenner from many places, e.g.