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WiFi Speed

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WiFi Speed


I have Plusnet broadband and normally get a good speed of between 10-20mps download when measured on a wired in PC using BT Speedcheck.

On WiFi it's a different issue. My phone (Xiaomi A1) often gets a WiFi speed of less than 1. Occasionally it's as much as 30, but nomally between 0.6 and 1.5. My WiFi PC reports slightly fast but still very slow speeds.

I tried a few things to fix it:

1. I moved the router to different places, using a LAN power adapter. In some locations it worked for a bit.

2. I tried a new router. No change.

3. I looked at the channel. It's normally on a free channel, though the router puts it there "smartly".

4. I tired different devices, all WiFi devices had issues.

5. I tired different times.of the day and with different electronic devices running. There was no consistentcy.

So, it doesn't appear to be the WiFi hardware, nor the router, not the LAN speed.

Has anyone got any ideas as it's driving me mad.
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Re: WiFi Speed

Which model router?

If it is a Hub One, have you tried splitting 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi ?


Have you checked for wifi congestion, likely to be bad on 2.4 GHz band in high density populated areas (eg. apartment block)?

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Re: WiFi Speed

Hi @kevupnorth,

Out of interest, was the alternative router you tried also a Plusnet provided router or did you setup a 3rd party one?

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 Alex H
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Re: WiFi Speed

3rd party - it's a Tenda T300. Pretty rubbish, only 2.4hz and only smart (can't manually set channels).
However, as the problem is identical to the one I had with the Plusnet one, I don't think it's rubbishness is the issue.
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Re: WiFi Speed


What other wireless devices do you have running? Devices such as cordless phones are not detected by Wifi sniffer apps and can kill wifi transmissions. Try switching all wireless devices off except the router and your device and see if things improve. If they do then switch the other stuff back on one at a time until you find the offender.

If your device supports 5GHz then split the Hub One channels as suggested by @bill888  and try each band in turn.

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Re: WiFi Speed

Hi @kevupnorth 


If you can give all the steps suggest a go and let us know if there is any change?