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WiFi Booster recommendation?

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WiFi Booster recommendation?

My WiFI sapped seems ok but the signal reach to the bedroom (working from home) is variable. I have looked at all the guides to try and rectify this - it hasn't worked. Colleagues have used a wifi booster that plugs into an electrical socket. Can anyone recommend something that works well with plusnet hub? Thanks. 

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Re: WiFi Booster recommendation?


First question is are you in a house or flat? If house I assume the bedroom is upstairs.


Powerline units might work, but from memory they don't do too well moving from downstairs to upstairs - the signal has to go through the fuse box which can (and does) disrupt things.



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Re: WiFi Booster recommendation?

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Re: WiFi Booster recommendation?


Options to consider:

What suits you depends on your home layout and your budget.

Other options include getting a hub with better WiFi performance. Many use a BT Smarthub bought cheaply from Ebay. You will find more information on this pinned to the top of this Router board.

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Re: WiFi Booster recommendation?

I have PN router downstairs which is not particularly good wifi.

Netgear booster upstairs on landing covers who;e house with a very good signal. I actually bought the single band cheaper version from Argos on a whim and that proved an excellent buy at £20. I also use a TP-Link powerline adapter for a non wifi Sky box and that is excellent too. You could plug a laptop into that if you are not wandering about the house.


There is also a Netgear signal strength checker app which you can put on your phone and check the wifi signal wherever you are.