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What is CONE on TG582n?

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What is CONE on TG582n?


I've been doing a lot of looking through my TG582n having recently discovered the telnet command line interface.

One thing that has got me confused is this config entry.


I suppose the first question is what CONE is an acronym for?

According to Wikipedia, these ports are used for the following purposes:

69     TCP     UDP     Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
88     TCP     UDP     Kerberos authentication system
3074     TCP     UDP     Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows – Live
3478     TCP     UDP     TURN, a protocol for NAT traversal (extension to STUN)
3479     TCP     UDP     PlayStation Network

Since I've no interest in gaming, can they be removed from this list?

Via the web interface, I can see gaming is disabled.

Game Mode  

This is a function that helps all games work through the NAT of your Technicolor Gateway.

With Game Mode disabled your XBOX 360 and PS3 will still work correctly.

Note: By enabling the Game Mode you will be reducing the protection provided by your Technicolor Gateway.

Status: Disabled

But the fact that XBOX and PS3 are specifically excluded from general game mode seems to tie in with the list of CONE ports.

Also, the Game & Application Sharing->Assigned Games & Applications list is empty.


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Re: What is CONE on TG582n?

CONE is usually related to NAT settings and maps IP:Port to internal ports.


You shouldn't experience any issues if you remove the ones you don't use from the list.

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