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Using PlustNet One Hub as purely modem

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Using PlustNet One Hub as purely modem


I have been having some slow speed issues with my internet for about a year, mainly fluctuations from a maximum speed around 32 Mbs but often as low as 2 Mbs. We live in a rural area so our speed is restricted by the long distances to street boxes. The slow speed issue is always resolved by a modem power-cycle reset. Plusnet have said its likely the issue is my old modem supplied by Openworld on install over 8 years ago and sent me a new Plusnet One Hub.

The issue I have is that I'm happy with my current network system and want to change as little as possible. It's robust, always works and there are no interference issues. My set up is an Apple AirportExtreme as the router & DHCP server which is connected to a 48 port switch. This distributes CAT-6 connections to multiple points in each room of the house (TVs, Sky boxes, Apple TVs, computers, heating and lighting controls systems, home audio etc). There are 3 additional Apple Airport Extremes in the other three corners of the home which are access points and CAT-6 connected back to the switch.

As everything works well I don't really want to alter anything other than the modem. I don't believe there is anyway to make the Plusnet router a bridge so if I disable the wireless and DHCP server and connect it to my Apple AirportExtreme will this just give me an internet connection?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Using PlustNet One Hub as purely modem

@merlin5  Welcome to the forum.

It will but you will be double NATing, see here fpr more info. Alternatively if you read the manual you can probably set the Apple device up as an Access Point.

Or, why not get another modem? They are cheap enough on auction sites.

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