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Technicolor TG582n firmware upgrade

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Technicolor TG582n firmware upgrade

I’m looking for a way to get a firmware upgrade for my Technicolor TG582n router - am on Variant FO - as am concerned about the botnet that has this week been highlighted as being on many routers.  Apparently upgrading the firmware - or reflashing - will resolve if the botnet is installed.

Even better would be a new router as mine is now a bit ‘long in the tooth’.  Is there a chance that Plusnet will supply, or do I need to provide a replacement myself.

Thanks in anticipation of help.

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Re: Technicolor TG582n firmware upgrade


There are no firmware  updates for the discontinued TG582n.  I think the version you have was the last update for the USB model supplied to fibre customers.

Try speaking to Customer Options if you wish to re-contract and get a new router for price of delivery.

The 'Hub One' is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5A and is supplied to fibre Plusnet customers since end of 2015 (2013-14 for BT customers).  It wouldn't surprise me if it is replaced by the much better rebadged BT Smart Hub (introduced almost 2 years ago) by end of this year, or next year.

You can also find them and BT hubs (they work on Plusnet) on eBay. They will come with no guarantee and you will need to manually put your Plusnet user account and password into them, to make them connect to Plusnet.  See the post at the of top of this sub forum.