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Strange issue with Netflix Android app on Wifi

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Strange issue with Netflix Android app on Wifi

Hi All,


I have an Asus DSL-N16 router running Unlimited Fibre extra (can't stand running the PN Hub One because of the "normal"  loud high pitch noises it makes)

I'm having a strange problem with accessing netflix via wifi on a Nokia 6.1 running Android 9. Netflix refuses to load any content, just sits there with the spinning red ring. Everything else working fine with the Asus router (netflix also working over this wifi connection on other android phones, windows pcs and smart tv) 

Now, normally, I would blame netflix and/or nokia, but netflix works on this device via 4g and also over wifi when I plugged the PN hub back in so it must be something to do with the combination of router and device.  (Have of course tried clearing the cache on the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling that app & all the normal stuff anyway)

Has anybody come across these issues with a 3rd party router and can you suggest any settings that might need changing (currently all settings as per plusnet help site or router default where not specified)?



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Re: Strange issue with Netflix Android app on Wifi

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