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Setting up ASUS RT-N66U Router to replace Plusnet router

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Setting up ASUS RT-N66U Router to replace Plusnet router

After speaking to Plusnet tech support, they advised getting a new router in an attempt to get better WiFi performance.

I have my new ASUS RT_N66U router but I'm struggling to work out the instructions on how to get it set up.

The current setup has a phoneline plugging in to the plusnet router which provides WiFi and has an ethernet cable to my PC.

The ASUS router doesn't have the same socket to accept the phoneline so do I still need to use the plusnet router and somehow link it in to the new router?

Is there a link to how I should connect everything up and what settings I need to get the new ASUS router working correctly?

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Re: Setting up ASUS RT-N66U Router to replace Plusnet router

@-Rob-  welcome to the forum.

What you have is a router. What you need is a combined modem/router. You have 3 options:

1. Buy a separate modem to go with your Asus router. I would recommend a model 3b Huawei HG 612 from an auction site such as Ebay if you are on a fibre connection. If you are on ADSL I have no recommendation..

2. Turn your Asus router into an Access Point and connect it to your Plusnet hub. If you do a Google search you will find the simple instructions. You then connect this to your existing Plusnet hub by connecting a LAN socket on each together using an Ethernet cable. You can then go into your Plusnet hub advanced wirelwss settings and switch off the hub wireless so that it won't potentially affect the Asus wireless

3. Forget both devices ans buy a BT Smarthub 6 from an auction site. This is a combined modem and router like you have now. They cost very little money and have better wireless than any Plusnet hub. They need special set up to work with Plusnet and you will find the simple instructions at the top of this Router board. Many of us use them and they work fine.

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