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Serious WiFi Issue's Again......

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Serious WiFi Issue's Again......

Hello to all,


I hate to be one who complains, but.....

Last year I had issue's with WiFi Connectivity and my WiFi devices, after weeks of bouncing messages between myself and CS it was decided to send out a new router, this seemed to solve the issue, well up until now.

Over the last week or so the problem has arisen again.

It only seems to affect my WiFi connectivity and not my actual connection or any devices on Ethernet to my knowledge.

Before posting here I have done the following:

Restarted router several times.

Reset the router to defaults.

Reset all WiFi devices and re-acquired both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals.

allowed several days to pass to see if it was network stabilization.

I live in a 1 bedroom single floor flat and my furthest Wifi Device is no more than 30 Feet away from my router, my router position has not changed since becoming a Plusnet user some 4 years ago.

I have not added any extra devices since the problem seemed to be solved last year after a new router was sent out, in other words nothing has changed physically.

here is a list of my WiFi devices

20 x Smart Plugs on 2.4Ghz

8 x Smart Bulbs on 2.4Ghz

7 x Smart Speakers on 5Ghz

2 x Tablets on 5Ghz

2 x Mobile Phones on 5ghz

6 x Security Camera's on 2.4Ghz

2 x Desktop PC's on 5ghz

3 x Smart TV's on 5ghz

1 x Printer on 5ghz

I seem to have to restart my hub at least 2 times a day to maintain WiFi connectivity and when I use my Smart Speakers the service drops in and out very regularly, by this I would say it distorts and stops and makes listening to either digital radio or music streaming impossible, if I had hair I would be pulling it out by now as this is getting annoying.



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Re: Serious WiFi Issue's Again......

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Re: Serious WiFi Issue's Again......

Do you live in splendid isolation? I'm sure you have neighbours using WiFi that may be a contributing factor for your problems.

How many WiFi networks can you see and what channels are they using?

Perhaps if you turned off all of your connected devices and turned on one at a time, e.g. PCs and tablets first, and see if you have any issues.

Wherever possible I always use ethernet connections rather than WiFi. 

With all your WiFi devices you have one point of failure, which you have found.

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Re: Serious WiFi Issue's Again......

That is a lot connected via wifi. It might be a good idea to invest in a really nice router that has better wifi than the pn/bt routers.