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Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router

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Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router

Hi Everyone.


I’ve recently moved and the new house has several dense block walls, so I’m getting terrible wifi almost everywhere unless standing directly next to the hub, where I get 50Mbps+. I’d like to get a new router to improve the signal, as I know the Plusnet hubs aren’t known for their wifi strength.


Initially I was thinking of getting a TP-Link Archer AX55 (, as it’s right up to date with Wifi 6 etc. I was assuming I could use the PN hub as a modem, but it appears that this is not possible so I’d have to get a separate modem. I’ve seen people recommending the TP-Link TD-W9970 for this


Alternatively, I could replace the PN hub with a combined modem/router. I’d probably go for the TP-Link AC2800 ( if I go down this route, although it’s quite a number of years old at this point, so open to suggestion if there’s anything better for a comparable price.


I’m already slightly beyond the limits of my knowledge here (although I enjoy diving in and teaching myself about this stuff), so wondered if anyone could advise me on whether the AX55 (combined with modem), being brand new, would offer significant wifi benefits over the AC2800? I’m heavily reliant on wifi for pretty much all my devices as running ethernet through the house would be extremely disruptive (chasing out concrete walls etc), so I want to get the best connections I can. It’s only a small three bedroom house.


Also open to other suggestions. (Although I’m not keen on getting a BT Hub).


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router

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Re: Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router

If the house is a challenge for WiFi have you considered using a mesh wifi system for example like the various TP Link deco units?
The mesh WiFi units can be strategically placed to relay the WiFi around the house.

I personally use a separate modem located near the master socket, which is wired via ethernet to a centrally placed router. This should allow for an easier upgrade to FTTP when Plusnet get around to offering FTTP.
I use a second hand Zyxel vmg-1312 as the modem bought from ebay.


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Re: Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router


Is there any possibility of using ethernet cables between rooms with WiFi access points attached?


You could also consider powerline adapters. These can work well on one floor but can suffer if the signal needs to go through the fuse box to reach another floor.



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Re: Separate Modem or Combined Modem/Router

With the hub2 now being available I would suggest this is a solution, coupled with a mesh system.
I have a hub2 configured in bridge mode connected to a deco 5 mesh. Works great in my house which sounds as if it had similar problems to you.