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Router thinks I am in Swansea!

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Router thinks I am in Swansea!

I have a persistent problem with my last router thinking I am located in South Wales when I am actually located in South East England.

I assume it is something to do with the Plusnet router setting and wonder if there is a fix. Even the speed test app has me in Swansea. 

It frustrating getting recommendations for the wrong area.

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Re: Router thinks I am in Swansea!

Do you mean adverts on websites, etc, think you are in Wales?

I don't think that's anything to do with the router, just the IP address it has been assigned.

See and


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Re: Router thinks I am in Swansea!

It won't be your router, more likely either a cookie on your device or your external IP.

How are you seeing the complains through Swansea. You've not been using the DVLA recently? (that is a joke before I get told off).

If you go to somewhere like:

It'll tell you your external IP, just don't post your full one here.

Mine says:




When I put that into a site like I get:


United Kingdom
Virgin Media


Well United Kingdom and Branson Media are correct, and I know where Sidcup is as it is not that far from me.