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Router arrived can I plug it in?

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Router arrived can I plug it in?

Hello all,

Had my 'Plusnet Hub One' delivered today, and I was wondering if I am able to plug it straight in and have internet. I have read that you are able to, however the manual says that I should wait until my broadband is activated?

Looking on my account it reads 'Your broadband order should complete on {strCustActivationDate}'  Should this read the date that I am able to connect my internet or is the delivery of the router itself?

Is the activation dependant on when I have the router itself? If so would I able to have it activated now?



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Re: Router arrived can I plug it in?

You'll get an e mail from PN with your activation date; can be anytime up to midnight.
However, absence of the actual date on My Account may indicate an issue/ delay.
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Re: Router arrived can I plug it in?


Hi @linkynet thanks for your post and welcome to our Community Forums. 

I can confirm your fibre service is due to go live on Tuesday the 13th next week. The activation is dependent on our suppliers carrying out work at their end, likely needing an engineer to go to the cabinet (the green box in the road)

It can take anytime up to midnight and we'll email you to confirm once your broadband's been activated. 

Let us know if there are any issues at all.

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