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Red lights on router :(

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Red lights on router :(

We have a Zyxel Router and it’s been temperamental for the last few months. I’ve noticed that it works fine if we use the 5ghz band but if we connect too many things to the 2.4ghz band it knocks the whole internet out. We have a few devices which only work on 2.4ghz so it’s very frustrating. I tried changing the channel and that helped for a week or so. Anyway, today the router is completely dead - red power light and red internet light and absolutely no response when I try and reset it. The trouble I have is that my partner’s employer provides our broadband because he is a home worker. This is great in that it’s free, but it leaves me powerless to sort this problem out. Last time this happened my partner’s employer said they would send an engineer but because it’s an intermittent fault we’d be charged if it was working when they arrived. It did start working again after that so we didn’t have a visit. Does anyone have any advice? Could I buy a new router to try and solve the problem?
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Re: Red lights on router :(

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