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Recommend me a new router in 2021

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Recommend me a new router in 2021

I have PlusNet FTTC and I'm having frequent drop-outs of service. I'm typically getting 58mbps (according to speedtest), but in the last couple of months, when my wife and I have both been using MS Teams, Zoom or when the kids are watching streaming content, I'm getting a lot of complaints about buffering of streaming content, or just flat out drop-outs on video streams.

My wife is insisting I need to sort it out, and my instinct is to drop in a new router first, and then if that doesn't solve it, contact tech support, knowing I've got a better router!

So, with that in mind, can anyone suggest a router for me? We have a home server, several Amazon devices (echos, fireTV and shows), and four occupants, each with a laptop and a mobile phone. No one particularly online games, but we do all often have video calls. I'm looking to spend around £75-£100 for something relatively futureproof.

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Re: Recommend me a new router in 2021


The PlusNet HubOne is a re-badged BT HH5a. From memory it's known to have problems with multiple WiFi connections.


Many people have bought a BT HH6 off eBay for around £10-20. PlusNet settings are available in hte Help pages and a set up guide for a HH6 is available in the Router Forum.



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Re: Recommend me a new router in 2021

I never use the equipment supplied by my broadband supplier, whoever they are. I purchased a Draytek Vigor 130 DSL modem which works with Plusnet and other FTTC services out of the box. I then added an Amplifi HD router along with two more HD units to work as mesh extenders. I get the maximum speed for my product (Fibre Max) and absolutely zero dropouts or slowdowns.

Having said that, it may be that there is an issue with your line, in which case replacing the hardware may not help.