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Plusnet Router 2 Wi-Fi calling issue.

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Plusnet Router 2 Wi-Fi calling issue.

I recently renewed my Plusnet contract - I got a very good deal - and decided to try the new Router 2 instead of continuing to use my BT Business router. I soon noticed that mobile calls using WiFi had a lot of background noise, almost like a crossed line. So having put two and two together I switched back to my BT router and the problem was immediately solved. Although Router 2 works well for broadband it lacks the ability to lock in 5GHz.

Anyway, for anyone considering trying router 2, if you already have a BT Router then stick with it as it's better. Incidentally I use the Three network and have a Samsung phone whilst my wife has a OnePlus.

I must say that after a shaky start with Plusnet 18 months ago, their Router 1 being the problem, once I'd replaced it with a BT Router following the excellent advice on this forum, I have never looked back. I get a download speed of 74+ Mbps and upload of 19+. That's enough to stop me going back to Virgin despite my house being fully cabled for it. So well done Plusnet and keep up the good work.

I look forward to the day when Openreach install full fibre to my postcode, but the wheels grind very slowly and I think that BRSK will get here first! That will give Virgin a real run for their money.



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Re: Plusnet Router 2 Wi-Fi calling issue.


A bit of clarification.

I really can’t explain the problem with the Hub 2 WiFi calling problem. Have you tried it again in case of it being a coincidence?

Regarding the Plusnet v Smarthub comparison there are pro’s and cons.

The ability to split the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands is only available on the original Smarthubs, not the later Smarthub 2. The originals are getting a bit long in the tooth now. The ability to select your own choice of DNS resolver is only available on the Business model and BT Smarthubs need configuring to work on the Plusnet network.

The Plusnet Hub 2 self configures so automatically recovers from a factory reset, can be set up as a bridge modem, very useful if you want to add a mesh router in place of the hub’s inbuilt router and you can set the DNS resolvers. On the down side, you can’t split the wireless bands.

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Re: Plusnet Router 2 Wi-Fi calling issue.

Were both routers using the same wifi channel ?

If they were set to auto select, it could be that the HUb 2 had selected a channel with more interference from neighboring networks

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