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Plusnet Hub One - logging history

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Plusnet Hub One - logging history

I have a Plusnet Hub One router in my business, and would like to be able to view the log of URLs requested by the devices connected to the router - preferably as a CSV file or similar so I can filter by device. I would then potentially like to limit the connectivity of some devices.

I cannot find the option to do this, although I suspect that the router is capable of doing so. I recall that previously one could navigate to IP/expert_user to get to more settings, although that may have been with a different router! Is there a simialr option with the Hub One? Or is there any other way to retrieve the logs?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Plusnet Hub One - logging history


I think that you were getting your data from a previous router such as a 2704n. The Hub One is very much locked down and this sort of data is limited. Probably the best you will get is to look at the network pages which will give you a view of the data that has been transferred against each connected device. 

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