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Plusnet Hub 2 and BT Discs

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Plusnet Hub 2 and BT Discs


I've just moved to Plusnet from BT, and we used 2 BT Discs (black ones), to ensure a good wifi signal throughout our old house with really thick walls, basically bouncing the wifi signals through doorways.

1. Is it possible to connect these discs and use them in the same way the were used with the BT Hub? If so, how? - I can't make them work.

2. If not, which wireless system will work with the Plusnet Hub 2 to give the same level of access?


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Re: Plusnet Hub 2 and BT Discs

@alexaldridge  Welcome to the Community forums.

If it’s the type that integrates with a BT Smarthub then they will not work with a Plusnet Hub 2. However if you can keep your BT Smarthub you can configure that to work on your Plusnet service. You will find information on how to set up the Smarthub pinned to the top of this board.

Alternatively just about all mesh systems can be used, it all depends on your budget. If you find a setup that meets your needs and budget then come back and we can advise on its suitability.

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