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PlusNet + Ubiquity Dream Machine + Openreach Modem = All Good and Fast

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PlusNet + Ubiquity Dream Machine + Openreach Modem = All Good and Fast

Hi All, just because I had to search around finding information in a few different places, and I know more and more people are moving to prosumer/SOHO equipment in the search for more features and control.


I've been using the PlustNet supplied (BT Hub 5) for a while, with Ubiquity Access Points dotted around. 

Upgraded to UDM - Ubiquity Dream Machine - which allows VPNs, and VLANs etc. for local network. BUT was sat behind the Plustnet Router in a double NAT situation.


Anyway, setup is like this, hope that it helps someone.

Equipment List

Connection/Service - PlustNet with Static IP - the best FTTC with static ip.

Modem - Huawei HG612 Model 3B (also known as BT Openreach Huawei EchoLife HG612)  VDSL2 Modem (a true modem) - ebay £14

Router - Ubiquity Dream Machine (UDM - lets not mention the cost of these %)



Setup Modem - Custom/Unlocked firmware loaded on modem (read here, and download from from - you want the bcm96368MVWG_fs_kernel_HG612V100R001C01B030SP08_webgu). Basically plug it in while holding the reset button for a long time, upload firmware, visit when plugged into LAN2 <- notice the 2 here, admin admin. you're all done.


Setup Router - Visit the 'wan' network page, change from DHCP to PPPoE and give it your plustnet username and password.


Connect Router WAN port to LAN1 on Modem.


Done, worked right away


- side note, my VPN didn't like the change, disconnect it and re-connect it, all good now -


Speed test results

I didn't change setup to increase speed, but


Plustnet Router / double nat

was always under 40Mbps download, 39Mbps was nice to see, usually around 37Mbps.


New Setup

42 Mbps download

16.6 Mbps upload



Hope this helps someone




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Re: PlusNet + Ubiquity Dream Machine + Openreach Modem = All Good and Fast

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